To answer this we have first to ask ourself: what do they mean to us. How do they affect us.

There are cropcicles that represent Symbols from almost all Religions and Cultures. Exactly bacause of that, almost everyone feels to have something to do with the cropcircles and wants to contribute with some experience to it. Some people like for example the work of Wolfgang Schindler from Hamburg. He discovered, for a few years, that some cropcircles without a aparent geometry , were realy defined. All of them were aranged according to the pentagramm.

The pentagram-lines and the circles that show them, were not in crops. Only the strong lines. Every circle and box was defined in diameter an length to make a pentagramm. This disciver from Wolfgang Schindler makes it clear that its much more behind that than grafitti in the field.

Bert Jansen, a dutch cropcircle-researcher, was demonstrating that lots of cropcircles are very strong defined in their proportions. We can describe duzens of cropcircles with the first figure in the left pictures. In both examples we can see that to built a cropcircle you just need to imagine the lines between the important points of the initial image, to connect them, to make circles between them, with the diamleter corresponding to length of the line, and go on. After you did it enough time long, than you get what its common to see in the fields of the south of england. That means that the archs and squares of the cropcircles that are here left representet, can not be bigger or smaller as they are, because their proportions are defined by the basic image (figure). What can you report at the end about the meaning of the cropcircles? Cropcircles resume symbols of different religions, cultures and sciences, and actually oriented all the groups of people that show interest for that, and change ideas between them. Only fot that we can already say that cropcircles brings a very positive mo. Cropcircles appear ? ...creates the Cropcircles ?
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