This is an almost impossilbe to answer question. I will however try to prove to you that there is more to this question than it being just a joke. Those of you who have already read the "WHO" part of this article know that there are two origins.

The first source is through human beings. There are groups of people known to us Researchers es "Hoaxers". They work fast and almost always at night. What they do is illegal and they know it. They trespass and damage private property. Noone really knows what kind of equipment they use. Their methods and equipments are rather rough. As you can see on the four pictures left and right, the stalkes are severaly damaged. A sure sign of man-made cropcircles.

Some cropcircles are however not man-made, which brings us to the second source of origins. During our intensive research we have come across cropcircles which completely differ from those man-made. To the left, there is a picture with two buttercups, normally found in fields. These flowers are in a cropcircle but stand upright and show curious enough no sign of any damage. How does this fit in the "wodden- plank-theory" ? Even the following pictures to your left and right dont fit. They seem to be telling a different story. The stalks were carefully bend down to the ground. There are no damaged nor broken stalks

No human being using wooden planks and working at night can perform so well and so precisely as to leave two buttercups undamaged. But what source can ???

..creates the Cropcircles ? Cropcircles exist ?
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