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At Spacekowski`s you will get all information you need about
Cropcircles. Whats behind it, how they appear and who is
doing the most important researching. Also a lot of different

 stuff too, here at Spacekowski´s side. Enjoy !

last update: 27.06.02




The Cropcircles of 2002
This is the Galery of the current
Cropcircles in England, Germany and
the whole world. Enjoy.
A Day in Live of a Croppie !!
A Day in Live of a Croppcircleresearcher.
How a typical day looks like of a croppie
in summer in south-england
you can see here.
Here are the galeries !
In the Galery of Cropcircles you will find a lot of
from 1990 on. In the Galery of Croppies you
will find a lot of peoples who writing articels
about it an doing the research.
to the fun area...
Wheaty´s Adventures !
This is Wheaty´s Fun-Page. Wheaty is a cute,
little wheat-stalk who has a lot of funny and
bizarre adventures. Of course the Fun-Page
do include some strange Croppie-storys.
The Rate of Growth Experiment
Last year I brought some wheat samples from
englands Cropcircles with me to do an
experiment to see if Cropcirclewheat do have
growth-anomalies. Here are the Results.
to the results...