How a day of a Croppie looks like, what he is doing the whole day
and why do he spends his whole holyday in boring Wiltshire
and why he comes back year by year you can see here
in the new category of Spacekowski´s.
But there will be more. Enjoy.
Campsite at the Barge Inn
5:00 AM
Campsite at the Barge Inn
8:00 AM

still sleeping.

Campsite at the Barge Inn

9:30 AM
Breakfast has started.
Anywhere in Wiltshire.
10:30 AM
We heard from our pilots that we do

have a new formation.

We are on the road.
At the Devils Dan.
11:00 AM
Looking for the highest point to get
an overview.
At the Devils Dan.
While examination and dokumentation
a helicopter approaching in a very low
level directly above the formation.
About 40feet above the ground.
At the Devils Dan.
We heared later that Peter Soerensen
was one of the passengers. While
I was filming the helicopter, he was
filming me. That happens all the time.
At the Devils Dan.
After flatening the part of the formation
the pilot overflew, he went of.
At the Devils Dan.
Mobile-Phones everywhere. Following

call is conceivable : Hi, Hi, you cant

imagine where I am, tell me, In a 
Cropcircle, where ???
Back at the Campsite.
4:00 PM
Sitting together with a warm glas of 
Coke and trying to resist the heat.
( No joke, in Summer 99 it was 35°C )
Above the Campsite.
4:15, 4:51, 5:05, 5:24 und 5:39 PM
Here in Wiltshire all the time military
planes flying around, everywhere.
In a low level, day and night.
On the Flyfield.
6:00 PM
Its time and good weather conditions
to go up into the air to get good aerials
from the new formation.
This is about 1 Pound per minute.
This means one hour is 60 Pound.
Or for the rest of europe  90 Euro.
These Ultralight-planes are very loud
inside and not very fast but because
of that they are perfect to make the
best aerials you can get.
Anywhere in a cropcircle.
8:00 PM
Looking for a wonderful peaceful
place where you can relaxe very good
and enjoy the evening.
And sometimes you get a wonderful
sunset at the end of the day.
After that you have to hurry because
last order in the Barge Inn is around
10:00 PM.

This or something like this is the way a real croppie-day looks like.

But soon it means:
Another day in Live of a Croppie !!!