Most people who have heard for their first time about cropcircles tend to believe that all cropcircles are man-made. But this is only half-true

These cropcircles to our left, I believe, are all man-made. A lot of hoaxer-groups are going to create cropcircles in night-time. In some, you can see a lot of damage the hoaxers did to the crop. 

Most of the hoaxers dont ask the farmers for permission to make a cropcircle, so what they do is property damage. Thats why they do never claim a cropcircle because they are all criminals. The formation to our left is made 98 by a hoaxergroup by order of the BBC. They tried to make us believe that the whole formation was only made by boards. This cant be true because they had to messure angles and distances. We dont know what kind of equipment they really use. But what we know is, that there are cropcircles cant be made by men.

The formation to our left for example. It appeared on July the 7th in 1996 near Stonehenge. A pilot flew over Stonehenge at 5.30 pm, and on his return flight at 6 pm, there it was. He was absolute sure the formation had not been there 30min. before. No group of hoaxers is able to make such a formation in less time than 30 min., and there is more about this formation. You can get the informations at "How do they appear? "

In July 1998, a cropcircle formation developed near Calne in Wiltshire ( left picture ). The curious thing about this formation, were the many dead flies sticking to the stalkes in the center of the circles. As many as 5 flies per plant. On closer investigation, all the flies were found to be sticking, not with their legs nor bodies, but with their snouts. This is very strange. Nobody could explain this behaviour. I will try later to go deeper into this. At present, I am content to call this "The Phenomena".

What Force is able to do that ??? Cropcircles appear ? they exist ?
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