My name is Dirk Laskowski

I was born on 14th of August 1971 in Cologne-Germany. I did a development for an laboratory- assistant in the chemical-industrie. There I met Frank Laumen. We heared about cropcircles the first time in 1996 and decided to go there the next year.

I bought an old Volkswagen-Bus and build it into a Caravan. We went to south-england in 1997 to stay there for four weeks.

In south-england we found very fast connections to the croppie-scene.

In the following years it was clear that we had to drive to south-england again and again. Frank Laumen developed himself to a fantastic cropcircle-photoprapher. Thats why he isnt to see on any photo because he is always behind the camera.

1998 we met new people ( photo left : Sven Reuss & Bert Janssen ) and we made a lot of new friendships. 1999 was the fateful year I met my girlfriend Nina Ohldag ( photo right ). The lives in Mölln ( northern-germany ) and I lived in Cologne. Because of I was very unhappy with my job in Cologne I quit an moved to Hamburg. Now I sit here, writing on my homepage to reach more and more people to get them in contact with cropcircles.So have a look for it and enjoy