This prehistorical monument is more than 5000 years old. It lies about 10miles north of Salisbury. It was built in two stages. The first circle was formed about 5000 years ago using small bluestones. These bluestones are believed to be warmer as normal stones. The second stage followed 3000 years later, when the larger stones were used to form what we now know as Stonehenge.

Tousands of tourists visit this site every year and of course, Stonehenge is also a crop- circle area. The most spectecular of them all was the Julia-Set, which was formed on 7th July in 1996. A pilot flow over Stonehenge at 5.30pm and did not see anything peculiar. Half an hour later, on his return flight the formation was there. This means that it had been formed in 30min. time or less. Not one soul had noticed anything, neither drivers nor tourist. Very mysterious indeed. Further investigations on this cropcircle brought up evidences which prove anomalies in the flaten wheat.

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