Silbury Hill was built about 4500 years ago. Silbury Hill is not made of stones like the other sites but of soil. It is about 100 feet high. Like other sites, cropcircles frequently occur here.

The photo on the right which was observed in 1997 is one of the first formation the author went in. It is one of a group if hexagon-based formations. I was very impressed by the accuratness and precision with which the wheat were pressed down ( like magnetic fillings ). 

The formation below, from 1998 ,which according to the author was man-made. There is enough evidence for it. For example, the imperfect geometry and the damage done to the wheat. Of course most of the times it is very hard to split into genuine ones, if there are some ,and man-made ones. What I try to prove on this website is, that there are cropcircles which cant be man-made. But it is absolutely impossible to fix the source of the genuine cropcircles.

What i tryed to do in "Why do they exist" is to fix the effect of the cropcricles to the people and to make a relationship between the effect and the source.