This is a map of South England, covering areas where many cropcircles have been found. You can get more information if you klick at any of the buttons. The bright green areas show a high concentration of cropcircles occurance. On this map, one also finds the most important names and places related to cropcircles and their study. No doupt, the Mekka of cropcircle-research lies in Honey-Street. There is a pub in Honey-Street called the Barge Inn. Every evening, crop- circle-researchers meet to discuss and inform each other of the latest cropcircle news. Avebury, Silbury-Hill and the Long Barrow, all lie to the north of the Barge Inn. Every year, thousands of tourists visit these prehistorical sites. 

Tip: if ever you visit a cropcircle, go through the tramlines. By doing so you avoid causing a lot of damage and you show some consideration for the farmer. Before doing that, you better ask the farmer for permission to enter his field. Most of the farmers are greatful when people show some consideration. Thanks.

Now, enjoy yourself ! 

This Buttons in the map leads you to the areas.