The stonecircle of Avebury

4500 years ago, people around Wiltshire started collecting monoliths from nearby guaries to build a giant monument. What their reasons were for building it still remains a mystery up to today. There are many theories, but they remain theories. Like most other historical sites, Avebury is also a Cropcircle area. One of the most mysterious cropcircle was formed here in July 1999.( photos below )


This formation is so unique. When observed intensively, one recognizes a depiction of six boxes randomly tangeled in each other. Something similar to the works of M.C. Escher ( 1898- 1972)( photo below-right ). Never had there been anything of this kind before. Most cropcircles in the gallery show clear patterns of symbols from our cultural history. 

There had never been any formation of such a complicated motive.